LOZA Wine & Crepes
Eat, Drink, & Enjoy.
  1. Sweet Things
    Sweet Things
    Loza's sweet side is filled with so much more than crepes. On the sweeter side of things we have love, laughter and life. Bring your family and friends to enjoy the experience that Loza family can offer you through a culinary experience.
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  2. Charcuterie
    Our creative charcuterie boards are inspire and designed with old world care, leaving every board unique and filled with love.
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  3. Boozy Smoothies
    Boozy Smoothies
    Drink Wine, feel fine. Drink Beer, feel the cheer. Drink Champagne, feel no pain. Drink Water.. nothing really rhymes with water.
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A small idea established in 2016.
LOZA Wine and Crepes, located right on the skirts of downtown Turlock.
Loza, comes from the Ukraine noun "Grape Vine." 
The small, family ran restaurant, offer a little bit of an edge to our community.
The cuisine consists of a European & Ukraine fusion inspired by farmers markets and the changing seasons, helping the menus stay fresh and new throughout the year! Loza, believes in farm-to-fork and grow a large varitey of fresh produce & ingendents on the family farm locally in the countryside.
The little kitchen offers a variety of sweet and savory crepes, although that is the specialty, they are not limited. The outdoor courtyard experience takes you to a place beyond the Central Valley, and allows you to relax comfortably whether it is with family, friends, strangers, or even solo. LOZA has become apart of the communnity in a way that connect us through delicous cuisine.
Check us out to experience a taste of Turlock & Beyond!

Who & What
is LOZA?